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The current status is experimental, use at your own risk. Don't put there any data you don't want to lose.

Linstor is currently the fastest distributed block storage in the cluster, and can be used for tasks requiring minimal latency, such as VM images, docker build space, databases, etc. It uses the DRBD kernel module that handles the replication, and provides nearly native drive performance for I/O operations.

Please use the nodeAffinity label to use the nodes where linstor is deployed. It's temporary disabled on most nodes in the cluster.

Linstor storage pools data use

Credit: Linstor data use

Linstor grafana dashboard

Currently available storageClasses:

StorageClass Region AccessModes Storage Type Replication factor
linstor-unl US Central ReadWriteOnce Spinning drives RAID 10 1x
linstor-sdsu US West ReadWriteOnce NVME 2x