1. FIONA: low-cost, high-performance server-grade hardware
  2. Flash I/O Network Appliance
  3. Participant-built, based on PRP-tested hardware configurations
  4. 10/40/100Gbps, <1 PB storage, Intel x86 CPU & optionally GPU or FPGA compute capability
  5. see [ESNet] https://fasterdata.es.net/science-dmz/DTN/fiona-flash-i-o-network-appliance
  6. NRP Pilot Components: FIONA System Types
  7. DataTransferNodes - network performance-optimized on Science DMZs to conduct research data transfers
  8. Compute Nodes: compute-optimized to host researcher code and software running on federated Kubernetes (Linux Containers)
  9. Storage Nodes: storage-optimized to host distributed Ceph Storage Clusters (similar to Amazon S3), can be bundled with Compute Node or dedicated
FPGA boards

Xilinx Alveo
Xilinx XUP-P3R

Development boards

Google Coral beta dev board: a development board to quickly prototype on-device ML products
System on Module (SOM): a fully integrated system for accelerated ML applications
Intel: Odroid H2
Single board computer: Odroid N2