Get Access

To get access to the PRP Nautilus cluster:

  1. Point your browser to the PRP Nautilus portal

  2. On the portal page click on "Login" button at the top right corner

  3. You will be redirected to the "CILogon" page:

  4. On this page, select an Identity Provider from the menu and Click "Log On" button to use your existing credentials for the chosen provider to sign in. The provider is one of :

    1. If your institution is using CILogon as a federated certification authority it will be in the menu, select the name of your institution and use either a personal account or an institutional G-suite account. This is usually your institutional account name (email) and a password associated with it.

    2. If your institution is not using CILogon, you can select "Google"

    We require email to be visible. If you're using OrcID, please change the Email visibility settings for email to Everyone.

  5. After a successful authentication you will login on the portal.

    On first login you become a guest. Any admin user can validate your guest account, promote you to user and add your account to their namespace. You need to be assigned to at least one namespace (usually a group project but can be your new namespace).

  6. To get access to a namespace, please contact it's owner (usually email). Once you are granted the user role in the cluster and are added to the namespace, you will get access to all namespace resources.

  7. If you're starting a new project and would like to have your own namespace, either for yourself or for your group, you can request to be promoted to the admin in Matrix. This will give you permission to create any number of namespaces and invite other users to your namespace(s). Please note, you'll be the one responsible for all activity happening in your namespaces.

  8. Once you are made either a user or admin of a namespace, you'll need to accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on the portal page in order to get access to the cluster.

  9. Follow quick start page to start using kubernetes.