Joining a server

In this guide, you will learn how to join a server to the National Research Platform (NRP). Joining the NRP is as easy as gathering required server information and sending that data to the NRP administrators.

Required Information:

  1. The server’s IP information, including Public IP, subnet mask and gateway IP
  2. DNS information of the host network. If unknown, we will default to using public DNS such as (Cloudflare) and (Google)
  3. The IP address (and any credentials if they are set) for the server’s IPMI. Jump host information if required to reach the IPMI interface.
  4. If need to set the ACL accessing host for IPMI our IP is
  5. Review the network requirements

That’s enough for us to set up the host. Send this information to central contact of administrators. Matrix is the preferred way to contact us.